Weepy Eye

I have a mare that was thought to have scratched her eye on something outside. I had the vet come and look at it. He said it was a little infected and gave genta spray and chloramphenicol ointment. This cleared up the infection but the mare was still holding the eye mostly shut and it kept weeping clear fluid. I had the vet come back out and do a tear duct flush and more genta ointment was applied for 1 week. She was sensitive to light shining in the eye. Other then holding the eye half shut and it weeping a little less I am seeing no improvement. Any advise on what to do next?

It sounds like there may still be either a persistent scratch on the eye or she is suffering from a bout of uveitis (non-infectious inflammation that is called moon blindness when chronic). I am not sure if your vet has stained to eye to check for ulcers but it may be worth repeating this test. Sometimes a small foreign body can be trapped under the lid that continues to rub the cornea despite medication. This has been going on a little longer than normal for a routine corneal abrasion so a more thorough ophthalmic exam may be required. I suggest you give your vet a call to discuss her ongoing situation, as different medications may be in order.

Melissa McKee DVM