Burr in Eye

My horse came in on Sunday with tons and tons of burrs and one of his eyes was a bit puffy and runny and he was closing it a lot. We thought that maybe a little piece of a burr got into his eye and was bugging him so we put some polysporin on and drops etc. Last night I came up and his eye wasn’t as puffy and much more open (still runny though) but it looked like there was a small gray circle on his eye – almost like a blister? It looked like a spot of gray discolouration. Has anybody had anything similar to this happen?

It sounds like your horse has a corneal ulcer from the burrs scratching his eye. I would touch base with your vet since these problems can get out of hand and result in a permanent scar. The polysporin is fine to use in the meantime but be sure that there is no cortisone in the ointment as that will slow healing and enable a bacterial infection to establish. Burr fragments tend to get lodged under the eyelid and continue to scrape the cornea so I will often apply topical anesthetic and explore the underside of the lid with my finger to be sure there are no foreign bodies remaining

Melissa McKee DVM