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Fall Deworming

Why do we wait until after the first frost to deworm in the Fall? With the cooler temperatures setting in it’s time to start thinking about fall deworming protocols. The life cycle for most equine internal parasites involves eggs, immature larvae, and adult worms that then release more eggs into the environment through manure. Eggs or larvae […]

Red Urine

We started see red urine in a new gelding. What is causing this?  Horses often have quite a bit of sediment and occasionally some dark pigment in their urine. In addition, a dehydrated horse will produce very concentrated urine, resulting in a darker looking fluid (and often a stronger smell), a common situation in the […]

COPD and Exercise

My horse was just diagnosed with COPD, he was in quite a state when the vet came out. I have spent hours and hours educating myself on the topic as this is one I do not have experience with. While I understand the condition can be managed and dealt with my concern is more of […]

Rain Rot Scar

My horse had rain rot this summer, not terrible, mostly under his chest and near his legs only. I noticed a tiny little bump, hard, doesn’t seem to be attached to anything (no root) looks like a rain rot scar. Is this possible? Rain rot actually tends to affect the back and sides of the […]

Frosted Grass

 Does frosted grass cause colic? This is a great question as I too was told that frozen grass caused colic when I was in pony club many years ago. The risk associated with eating frozen grass has nothing to do with the temperature of it. By the time it reaches the stomach, the grass has […]

Locking Stifles

Grooming before ride, noticed my 15 yr gelding seemed to not be fully weight baring on right hind. Appears to walk and trot fine. Asked him to step back, left hind he picks up normally, right hind he doesn’t – slides it back. I don’t feel any swelling or heat in that leg. I am […]

Runny Eye

My horse has a red runny eye. Can I use sterile 0.9% normal saline,or what do u suggest? It sounds like your horse may have conjunctivitis (inflammation of the tissue that lines the eyelid and eye socket), which is a common occurrence in the summer due to dust, allergies, and flies. Sterile saline is very benign […]


I have a horse (2005 Appaloosa/Thoroughbred mare) who has become “suddenly” blind. She was diagnosed with cataracts (at 10 years old – no signs of uveitis) that she may have been born with, but have progressively gotten worse over time. Over the last 9 years of ownership, there have been no obvious signs of vision trouble until summer this […]